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Artificial Velvet Service Now Offered 



The Process:

I have recently perfected a technique for replicating an artificial velvet covering for early season antlered mounts.  My method adds the mass of the original velvet covering as well as the fine details of blood vessels, webbing and rounded point tips to give a more accurate, lifelike appearance.  My technique also allows me to create hair patterns and cow-licks on the antlers to help establish that "natural" look, rather than the "velour" application of other companies.  The beauty of my process is that it is 100% artificial (never a concern of a  Dermestid infestation), better groomed than preserved velvet, completely odor free, and very durable.  I have worked closely with the flocking manufacturer and had many lengths and colors of nylon flock custom made for me, so matching the original specimen as it was in life is no problem provided sufficient photographic reference is available.  And the process is affordable--the cost is a fraction of that of other commercially available artificial velvet services.  I would be happy to mount your next caribou or deer in "Velvet", or even rework an existing mount.  I am also proud to offer this service to fellow taxidermists if your clients are interested in adding the look of natural velvet back to their mounts.

Please feel free to contact me for more information, additional images or references.

(417) 331-1135

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